Shutter Snow Family

The Find

Following a house repaint, these old shutters didn’t make the cut. What would typically end up in the garbage got a chance to live on as Christmas decoration. Living in Scottsdale, AZ, snow isn’t something that ever graces our winters, but these gave us the opportunity to create a little holiday cheer.

The Build

Honestly this couldn’t be any easier. I spray painted everything first, then attached the painted scrap pieces of wood to the front of the shutter with staples through the back to make the hat brims and noses. I then glued a few buttons and drew on the mouths with a sharpie. My wife made the scarfs from scrap fabric she had laying around from her sewing. To make them stand up, I attached a folding back brace with cross support at the bottom and used some lawn staples to secure them in place. I put a few bricks in front to keep them from sliding and wrapped everything with some Christmas lights. The neighborhood loved them and we got several compliments. Merry Christmas!

What's AlleyLux?

AlleyLux is a passion project started by me, Mike Alonzo. I've always struggled with waste and even flirted with hoarding. There is just so much usable material discarded everyday, that I figured I would try and do something with it. I explore my neighborhood alleys liberating junk, or as I like to call it, potential, in an effort to give it new life.

If you're interested in getting an AlleyLux original or learning more join us or drop me an email at

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