Scrap Wood Step Stool

The Find

I had a few left over scrap pieces of cheap fir and had been wanting to build a step stool for my daughter so she could more easily wash her hands and brush her teeth. The space between the sink and the swing of the closing bathroom door was very narrow, so it needed to be a tall and skinny stool that wouldn’t fall over.

The Build

I glued together 3 of the boards with the intention if securing them with these 2 pieces of wood. After realizing these wouldn’t be thick enough to attach legs to I opted for a full frame instead.

I found a couple other pieces of wood salvaged from the arm of an old couch and secured them together with glue and a brad nailer. Once the frame was built I clamped down the angled legs and screwed them into place.

After everything was all together, I took all the pieces apart and stained everything a honey walnut.

My client gave me the thumbs up as I reassembled all the pieces.

I quickly realized that the legs were going to be way to wobbly so I quickly added a cross brace attached to each of the legs.

The Results

After several months of field testing, this baby is light enough to easily move from room to room and strong enough to take the beating of a 4 year old. It perfectly provides access to out of the reach places including a late night candy raid with only the wrappers remaining.

What's AlleyLux?

AlleyLux is a passion project started by me, Mike Alonzo. I've always struggled with waste and even flirted with hoarding. There is just so much usable material discarded everyday, that I figured I would try and do something with it. I explore my neighborhood alleys liberating junk, or as I like to call it, potential, in an effort to give it new life.

If you're interested in getting an AlleyLux original or learning more join us or drop me an email at

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