iLA the Alleybot

The Find

Sometimes your scraps have scraps, and that’s where the darndest things live. I came across this little gal in a pile of wood bits and metal parts.

The Build

I started by putting together the body with some left over nails, attaching the head with a metal peg, adding a few accessories and softening her edges with a little sandpaper.

I finished this lady off with a pair of sexy gams and matching shoes.

What's AlleyLux?

AlleyLux is a passion project started by me, Mike Alonzo. I've always struggled with waste and even flirted with hoarding. There is just so much usable material discarded everyday, that I figured I would try and do something with it. I explore my neighborhood alleys liberating junk, or as I like to call it, potential, in an effort to give it new life.

If you're interested in getting an AlleyLux original or learning more join us or drop me an email at

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