The Plan

Simply do the work, share our progress and support others to do the same.

We have a grand vision for what AlleyLux could be. No matter how ambitious, we always ask ourselves, what can we do today?

Step 1. Done.

Rescue unwanted materials.

This is were it gets dirty. We'll be looking down alleys, hopping in dumpsters, scouring free online listings and just generally asking if anyone has junk they want to donate.

Step 2. Done.

Create with unwanted materials.

This is were it gets fun. We'll turn our rescued materials into beautiful, useful and valuable things. Well then offer these amazing things for sale and raise the funds to keep the train moving.

Step 3. In-progress.

Share resources to help others create too.

This is were it gets interesting. We'll share videos and guides about every aspect of our journey including what materials we are using, how we are making and frankly how we are making money so people can do the same.

Step 4. In-progress.

Offer programs and edutainment.

This is were it gets impactful. We'll offer hands on programs for everyone that will educate, entertain and build confidence.

Step 5. The future.

Provide a public makerspace.

This is were it gets creative. We'll feast our eyes on all the raw materials and figure out what to make, whether it's a simple clean up or complete upcycle.

Step 6. The future.

End unnessesary waste of usable materials.

This is were it gets audacious. We'll live in a world were usable materials are no longer wasted. Look I said it was audacious.