Geometric Fox

The Find

It doesn’t get much more straight forward than this. I found a nice clean piece of 3.5″ x .75″ scrap pine and a nasty piece of who knows what wood that was attached to the bottom of a cardboard box for structural support. The thing I loved about the nasty wood, was the texture. That texture inspired this whole build!

The Build

After looking for some geometric animal art inspiration online, I made myself a pattern in Illustrator, printed it and cut it out. I traced each of the pattern pieces on the furry wood and cut them out on a band saw. I used a second pattern to layout my cuts and sand each newly cut piece of wood so everything was a bit more even. I glued two pieces of the pine together to make the back and stained it. I painted each of the fox pieces with acrylic paint. I once again used the uncut fox pattern to position where I wanted to place the fox on the back with a few light pencil marks and then glued everything together. That’s it, a super cute geo fox was born.

Download the Geometric Fox Pattern and give it a try.

What's AlleyLux?

AlleyLux is a passion project started by me, Mike Alonzo. I've always struggled with waste and even flirted with hoarding. There is just so much usable material discarded everyday, that I figured I would try and do something with it. I explore my neighborhood alleys liberating junk, or as I like to call it, potential, in an effort to give it new life.

If you're interested in getting an AlleyLux original or learning more join us or drop me an email at

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